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Breeders are provided with ONLY ONE COPY of each puppy's registration paperwork from AKC and ASCA. Do not lose these! We have to pay money for these documents. They are not free. If you lose or misplace them you will have to pay for additional copies.

ALL Windy G Farm Australian Shepherd puppies are AKC and/or ASCA registered. All puppies are sold with registration paperwork that is provided to every buyer at time of sale.




AKC is American Kennel Club  began registering PUREBRED dogs in 1878. AKC is the most recognized and respected dog club registry in the world and began registering Australian Shepherds in 1991. More info at


ASCA is Australian Shepherd Club of America and is the largest single breed dog registry in North America registering & promoting only the breed of Australian Shepherds since 1957. More info at


UKC is United Kennel Club established in 1898 and is the largest all breed performance dog registry in the world. The programs at UKC include Obedience Trials, Rally Obedience Trials, Agility Trials, Weight Pull Events, Terrier Races, Dock Jumping Events, Lure Coursing, Total Junior Program, Coonhound Field Trials, Water Races, Nite Hunts and Bench Shows, Hunt Tests for retrieving breeds, Pointing Dog Events, Beagle Events including Hunts and Bench Shows, and Cur and Feist Squirrel and Coon Events and Bench Shows. Rounding out the 'Total Dog' package, UKC Conformation Events are among the largest growing events. UKC dog shows are family events designed by and for the breeder-owner-handler. Professional Handlers are not eligible to exhibit dogs for others at UKC Conformation Events. At UKC dog shows, the emphasis is on the DOG, not the SHOW. More info at


We strongly encourage our buyers to take advantage of showing our offspring in AKC, ASCA, and UKC events when possible.


There are several SUB-STANDARD registries that will register ANY dog and call it whatever you would like. For instance, if you think you have a Schnauzer but want to register it as a bulldog but it's really a chihuahua .... those registries don't care ... they just want your money and will register the dog any way you want them to. These sub-standard registries are not registering purebred dogs. These registries include APRI (American Pet Registry Inc), ACA (American Canine Association), ASDR (American Stockdog Registry), CKC (Continental Kennel Club), NSDR (National Stockdog Registry) and there are a few others. BEWARE of dogs associated with these registries. They are many times not purebred. Do your research.


In addition, breeders who choose to register their dogs and puppies with these sub-standard registries many times do so to avoid following AKC's rules and inspections.


A dog may also end up in one of these sub-standard registries because the breeder of an AKC or ASCA registered puppy had the breeding rights restricted for medical reasons or because the puppy did not meet breed standard. These dogs should not be reproducing at the discretion of the breeder for good reasons. Some buyers, however, don't always adhere to the wishes of the breeder & choose to register their dogs with one, or more, of these sub-standard registries producing puppies that either are not purebred and registering them as such or producing puppies with a number of medical problems because they came from parents who had their breeding rights restricted by the breeder due to a medical condition or because they did not meet breed standard.


DO NOT PURCHASE puppies with these types of registration papers APRI, ACA, ASDR, CKC, NSDR. ONLY buy Australian Shepherds that are AKC and/or ASCA registered.


The so called "minis and toys" are NOT purebred Australian Shepherds and are not recognized by AKC or ASCA. This information is clearly posted on both AKC and ASCA's websites for your viewing. The standard height for Australian Shepherds as set forth by AKC & ASCA is, and has always been, 18-23". We did not wake up one day and now they are 10" tall. The so-called mini's, toys, and teacups have had a toy breed crossed into them to reduce height making them a mixed breed dog. Just because they are one of the four colors of the Aussie breed does NOT make them purebred. Do your research! You will also notice the so-called mini's, toys, and teacups have stringy hair, matted eyes, and pricked ears ... that is because they have been crossed with a toy breed so they are NOT purebred dogs.


DO NOT buy from a breeder that does not have the registration paperwork readily available at time of sale. I hear this ALL the time that someone purchased a puppy from another breeder and was told the breeder would mail the paperwork at a later date when received from association but failed to do so and now said breeder will not answer calls or return emails from buyer to get the paperwork.

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