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We Feed all our dogs NutriSource brand dog food. Made in the USA and our dogs do wonderfully on NutriSource. We have tried several different brands over the years and have had several with allergies to the other brands but no allergies with the NutriSource and their coats have never looked better. A link to where to buy NutriSource in your area

All of our dogs and puppies have food available to them at all times. Australian Shepherds are not a breed that will over eat. They eat what they need to maintain and never learn food aggregation because they are never without food. I eat when I am hungry and I feel our dogs and puppies should have the same opportunity. 

Other good brands are Bil-Jac and Holistic Select.

When choosing another brand always look at the ingredients, the first ingredient is the majority of what the food is made of make sure it is a meat source such a beef,chicken,turkey,quail,lamb. Dogs do not digest corn so make sure the first ingredient is not corn.  

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