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            Questions and Answers

 These are some of the typical questions I get. If you have additional questions you are welcome to call, text or email me. 

1. My puppy seems itchy in the video, does he have fleas or something? 

      No! I do not keep collars on our puppies or adult dogs because they will pull on each other or could possibly get caught in the fence or doggie doors so they will scratch at them because it is something not worn all the time.  

2. I see puppies so much cheaper, Why do your puppies cost more?

     My prices reflect what we put into our program with Genetic testing, housing, GOOD NUTRITION and on going care. It is a financial investment and commitment to run a REPUTABLE program.  Do those breeders do any testing? What junk dog food are they feeding? If quality and genetic testing is not your primary concern please save a dog's life at your local shelter. 

3. I want to buy a puppy but want to pay it out? Will you let me take a puppy home and make payments?

     No. All puppies MUST be paid in full before leaving my care. I have had people make payments on a future puppy and was able to pick a puppy when they had the money. 

4. I want a miniature , toy or Aussiedoodle, why don't you raise them?

     I have no interest in raising muts. I want to improve my breed and expand their life span with quality genetics and health testing. I will have no part of these so called trends or designer breeds. AGAIN if genetics and quality are not your top priority please go to your local shelter.   

5. Can I drive around your property or take a walk? 

     No. We have other animals here. Cattle do not like anything that isn't in their normal routine or their normal people. A new mother would have no problem running you down if you get to close to her newborn calf. A spooked horse will kick every time. If you plan to bring your children please keep them with you. This is a working Ranch, not a petting zoo. 

6. Why do you have so many puppies at once? 

     Dogs are like any other female mammal including human women, If they are around each other they will start to cycle together. 

7. I want a blue eyed puppy, will you hold the whole litter until they are old enough to know eye color. 

     No. Puppies are 4-5 weeks old before we know their eye color and then it could still change. I will never guarantee a puppy based on eye color. 

8. Do you show your dogs? 

     No I do not show at this time. We have a working cattle and horse ranch and I am not able to leave the ranch for days or weeks at a time to show. 

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