We are currently expecting a selection of Australian Shepherd puppies available for reservation. Click the button below to pay the $200 deposit to be added to the list of deposit holders. Arrow down if you have a gender and color in mind. 

Future litters planned                                                                                        


Whisper/Whiskey    first week of July                                                           

Jade/Whiskey           first week of July

River/Hudson           first week of July

Jill/Jaxson                 second week in July


Black tris- $800

Red tris- $1000

Blue merles- $1500

Red merles$1500


Deposit Holders in order of receipt 

1. Natalie- Red Bud, IL                      Blue merle female

2. Sean- Guthrie Center, IA              Red tri female or Blue merle female 

3. Thomas- Memphis, TN                  Blue merle male 

4. Julie- Siloam Springs, AR            Blue merle female 

5. Mallory- Broken Arrow, OK         Black tri male (Later this year)

6. Dana- Oklahoma City, OK            Red or Blue merle male

7. Bryant- Galt, CA                             Red merle male 

8. Mollie- Arlington, WA                   Black tri female (July litters)

9. Lamar- Cape Coral, FL               Blue merle male 

10. Kelly- Broken Arrow, OK            Blue merle or red merle female 

11. Lilly- Elgin, OR                             Blue merle male  

12. Lilly- Elgin, OR                             Red tri female 

13. Raphael- Pasadena, TX              Red merle or blue merle female 

14. Raphael- Pasadena, TX              Blue merle male 

15. David- Tomball, TX                      Red merle female