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Clear Water Ranch has a new litter of Australian Cattle Dog puppies. If you are interested in an Australian Cattle Dog puppy please visit their website at

Many of you have seen the Australian Cattle Dog in many of our videos with the Aussie puppies which is from the same parents.  

Known as the blue heeler or Australian Cattle Dog (ACD) this breed can trace its roots all the way back to the wild Dingo. They were bred specifically to drive cattle over long distances and often across rough terrain. They received their "Heeler" nickname due to their common habit of nipping at cattle's feet to herd them. 

Australian Cattle Dogs tend to be moderately adaptable dogs. Between their high energy and working nature they don't tend to do well in apartments and are much better fit for homes with fenced yards where they can run. As one of the best dog breeds for farms they also thrive in agricultural settings. 

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