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Rusty, Rein and Dally
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For our clients picking up puppies please do not use GPS until Google is resolved as you will be sent to the wrong location. Call me or send me a text so I can either send you a pin or directions.  Any questions please contact me at 479-228-3069. 

Welcome to Windy G Farm's website. Our website is designed to inform and educate about Australian Shepherds. At the same time we will share our love for this wonderful breed. To look at our dogs please click on Available puppies, Sires, and Dames at top of page. Our breeding program and facilities are AKC, State of Oklahoma Dept. of Agriculture (OK422), and USDA (Class A Breeder) licensed, inspected, and approved with the highest ratings.


​If you are looking for an active, unquestionably loyal companion, the Australian Shepherd may be the perfect dog for you.


About Australian Shepherds

A breed that is very agile, Australian Shepherds constantly enjoy both physical and mental stimulation. Intellectually, ideal for learning and excelling in competitive sports such as Obedience and Agility, working with livestock on a farm, or providing companionship to a loving family, each dog is devoted to their human Companions and enjoys spending time with all members of a family. Whether actively engaged in play or at rest, Australian Shepherds are very protective of their owners as well as their territory. They want to be wherever you are, whenever possible. Used indoors or outdoors, Aussies make excellent watchdogs and are inclined to bark when an intruder is nearby.

Ideal for people living in rural and farmland environments, Australian Shepherds are highly energetic dogs and actively engage in the freedom that wide open places provide. While apartment dwellers can own this breed, it is imperative that Aussie owners make sure their dogs receive two to three hours of playful exercise daily. Otherwise, the dog can become easily bored and lonely and possibly creating a disturbance, or causing damage. The use of dog parks, outdoor runs with your dog, and doggie treadmills can help enormously with the Aussie’s required daily exercise.




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